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“Greenwashing” has worked on the surface for Industrial and Commercial businesses, but WHAT NEXT?

CEC discuss some of the market alternatives and underlying challenges that make direct wire energy solutions increasingly appealing.

It would be rare to find an organisation or company in the commercial and industrial sector (C&I) in the UK that is not deeply conscious of the impact it has on the planet and its inhabitants. It is equally fair to state that organisations are also more than ever required to answer the needs of their employees in addressing these challenges. New generations of employees are demanding action, alongside shareholders, who are more than ever holding individuals and boards accountable for their own ESG metrics.

In the world of the C&I energy strategy and purchasing accusations of “greenwashing” are clearly understood but addressing directly however remain at the lower end of the to do list. In the last 5 years the trajectory and ease with which companies can tacitly state that they are “backed by 100% renewable energy” or “all activities powered by renewables” is now less likely to stand up under scrutiny and is on the wane. The time is now to address the ambiguity and face the accusations coming from every direction.

The current climate has placed even greater scrutiny on the fuel source and the direct traceability of the fuel mix. Whilst this will continue companies are also looking for complimentary alternatives that can be traced and, in some cases, be visible to the naked eye close to or in close proximity to their factories and sites. Examples include solar PV arrays, wind turbines and battery storage units, otherwise known as ‘True Green’ solutions.

Under the banner of distributed energy, private wire energy systems are a set of solutions that will give an organisation direct attribution to a generating asset. Private wire systems are localised electricity grids, that although connected to the local distribution networks have privately owned central plant (e.g., a PV Solar array) that produces electricity.

The alternatives are real and in the current climate create a viable alternative and compliment to existing supply. The current market dynamics are also forcing the C&I sector to re-evaluate their current contractual arrangements and private wire is a providing a real and visible green alternative.

William Watson


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