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Why Investing in Clean Energy Now is the Smartest Decision Your Business Can Make!


‘The fight against climate change is reaching a vital milestone and it’s one all corporations should be investing in. Renewables offer not only a sustainable alternative but also a reliable, durable and profitable investment for shareholders to benefit from.’

Alexander Goodall, CEO of Clean Energy Capital.


A recent study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance found that in 2017, the global renewable energy market was valued at over $333.5 billion. By 2030, they predict this figure will have risen exponentially to an investment of over $5.1 trillion. The sustainability industry is booming and there’s never been a better time to get involved.

From a business perspective, the benefits of making your investment in clean renewable energy are manifold, from both an ethical perspective and an economical one. Plus, with so many big-name businesses leading the way in terms of corporate sustainable change, there are a lot of paths to follow.

Which businesses are currently investing in clean energy?

With so many different opportunities for cleaner, greener methods of energy usage, the scope for businesses looking to invest is fairly broad. From fusion and solar power to wind and wave, the different areas of renewable energy can offer different possibilities and potentials for investors to benefit from.

Predictably the technology sector is leading the charge when it comes to clean energy usage and investments, with tech giants such as Intel, Adobe, Microsoft and Sony all adopting energy alternatives to drive their businesses. According to a recent study by TRVST Worldwide, ‘Microsoft is now the greenest company in the world’, utilising 1.3 billion kWh of solar and wind power every single year.

However, other sectors are also making their mark when it comes to sustainable investments. Within the mining industry, innovative funding is being offered by South African bank, Nedbank, to those willing to reach their ESG targets and spend more on vital clean energy assets such as wind, solar and hydro. NFUOnline has vowed to support the UK farming industry in their efforts to become or support local clean energy producers on their land, and IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) incentives have led to a higher investment drive from manufacturing operations in the US.

Even smaller businesses, SME’s, start-ups and educational institutions have begun sharing their investments in clean energy. In a recent study by Natwest, they predict that 1 in 6 SMEs are set to generate onsite green energy by the end of 2023, with organisations like Interreg Europe helping to reduce the barriers SMEs face when it comes to clean energy investments.

What are the benefits of investing in clean energy?

The benefits of investing in clean energy in 2023 are numerous - both on a global and personal scale. With a rising awareness of the dangers of climate change and the rise in temperatures, businesses now have the opportunity to make a positive impact on both the environment and their organisation.

Meeting ESG and Climate Targets

Many businesses, companies and agencies are now implementing ESGs into their yearly quotas and policies for their work. These can range from reducing the overall carbon footprint of the business, direct action against deforestation, increasing carbon offsetting, investing in renewable energy or even raising awareness of the dangers of climate change. A business that publicly shares these targets and declares meeting them is not only one of strong environmental value but also one that becomes appealing to future investors, employees and customers.

Employee Incentives

In recent years, a growing number of Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z workers have become increasingly engaged with sustainability and clean energy. As a business looking to attract top talent, showcasing authentic investments in renewable energy is a great way to increase your recruitment pool and retain your current employees.

Consumer Trends

According to research shared by NielsenIQ, ‘46% of consumers are looking to brands to take the lead on creating sustainable change.’ Consumers are looking for transparent, authentic and honest brands with sustainable backing when browsing - they want to trust that the services and products they consume will come from a business that can back up its claims of being green. With many consumers gradually becoming more aware of ‘greenwashing’ marketing attempts from businesses, the opportunity to share detailed investment data from your brand is crucial to forming those important customer relationships.

Funding Opportunities

For many small businesses, funding can be the difference between profit and loss at the end of the financial year. Having a dependable source of funding is essential to growing your business and maintaining a strong strategy for future development. As highlighted earlier in this article, companies such as NFU, Nedbank and Interreg Europe are just some of the organisations offering crucial funding for businesses shown to be investing in clean energy. With many more funding opportunities, the upfront cost of an investment could be the first step towards some serious financial backing for your brand.

To find out more about Clean Energy Capital can help your business to invest in clean energy today, or to speak to one of our team about converting your land for energy production, get in touch today.


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